We are defined by our insistence on:

Integrity, Innovation and Knowledge
We aim to raise the profile of engineering by cultivating collaborative, innovative and knowledge driven engineering that translates into client based solutions.

We believe that human development occurs in a continuum in the knowledge discovery process. Our community action research mechanism that integrates multi-stakeholder engagement in these processes recognizes:

  • The operational environment that derives from human interactions in a collaborative or competitive situation.
  • The physical environment that on the other hand is controlled by access to limited natural resources.
  • The state of global engineering knowledge


Gurmeet Bambrah, PhD
Founder and CEO (GITS consulting Services and Global Innovations and Technical Solutions)
Eng. Gurmeet Bambrah PhD is the founder of GITS consulting Services (Kenya) and Global Innovations and Technical Solutions (Canada). She is also the force behind the development of the Engineers360® cloud platform for the new kind of engineer that our rapidly globalizing world is demanding. Engineers360® aims to enable all engineers to have a fair opportunity to learn, share, collaborate, create, innovate and contribute to the evolving world of technology and inclusive innovation. As the strategic thought leader on global engineering issues, Gurmeet is responsible for all product conceptualization, research, design, development and branding decisions at GITS.

Prior to this, Gurmeet was the CEO responsible for building CAPE Council for Access to the Profession of Engineering, a web-based, action research community of nearly 5000 engineers and professionals from other fields drawn from over 130 countries around the world. Gurmeet also has over twenty years of extensive and diverse experience in consulting, civil and systems engineering, research and international development. She holds several degrees in engineering from the UK. She was the past Vice President of the International Rainwater Catchment Systems Association and has authored many publications, research reports and academic papers. She has also made numerous presentations at international conferences

Professional Affiliations

Gurmeet is:

  • A Registered Consulting Engineer (Kenya)
  • Member of Association of Consulting Engineers of Kenya
  • Fellow of the Institution of Civil Engineers (UK)
  • Member of the Institution of Engineers of Kenya

Our Team - GITS Consulting Services

Shelley Viehweber
Management Consultant (GITS consulting Services)

Shelley Viehweber received a BS Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Texas and a Civil Engineering Design Diploma from EPIC College of Technology, Canada. She is highly accomplished in operations and project support having spent more than 20 years working for one of America's leading Aerospace Companies, as well as Canada's leading bank and the United Nations Office for Project Services. Her key strengths include strong communication skills, creative problem solving capabilities and an ability to ensure projects are implemented with clarity, monitored and evaluated. She encompasses strong facilitation skills.

Shelley has recently joined GITS Consulting Services as a Management Consultant. She is instrumental in ensuring that projects undertaken by GITS are transparent, accountable to stakeholders and implemented per the policies and procedures directed by GITS. She analyses process data and assesses the fundamental process that needs to be addressed to ensure projects a completed within the budgetary, time, quality and financial controls.

Our Team - Global Innovations and Technical Solutions (GITS)

Razaq Ijaduola, PhD
Chief Technology Officer

Razaq Ijaduola PhD is the chief Technology Officer at GITS. He is a versatile software developer who has more than 10 years of experience on major programming and development projects in North America. He brings extensive knowledge of various platforms and applications and has demonstrated the ability to design, implement, debug and document IT applications.

Prior to joining GITS, Razaq was responsible for IT development of a software platform for graduate job placement with several Canadian companies. In addition he lectured in physics at University of Agriculture, Abeokuta, Nigeria for over 10 years. An authority in physics, he was a research scientist at ICTP, Italy, and is currently a volunteer trainer of the ICTP open source workshop group responsible for training third world scientists. He holds several degrees in physics from Nigeria.

Muralidhar Maheshwara, M.Eng, B.Tech
Head of Engineering

Murali is a Civil Engineering professional with a decade of Project Management Experience in executing several multimillion dollar infrastructure related projects: construction of roads in mountainous terrain; reclamation of land from ocean; construction of a World Bank funded luxury hotel; and development of townships in several countries in South Asia and South East Asia.

He worked in a leading research Institute in Kuwait-KISR, where he was involved in developing numerical and physical models to study the effect of man-made infrastructures on nature. This involved calibrating and validating the model results with field measurements. Murali has published a paper along with his colleagues at KISR in the Journal of Hydrology. He has also co-authored several reports on the findings of the various projects.

Murali also has expertise in analysis of spatial and non-spatial data. As a Business Analyst he was involved in communicating with stake holders to gather requirements for Civil and Criminal Court System and Case Management in the Healthcare sector. He has also been responsible for testing, ensuring that quality control is met and the final product is completely checked for glitches prior to handing over of the projects.

Kanz Soar, MA
Manager Business Development

Kanz Soar, MA specializes in Project and change management and business development. He brings fresh and up-to-date perspectives on change management to Engineers360. He has experience in collaborative technologies and technology transfer from Africa, Europe and North America. A highly creative individual, Kanz is responsible for strategic planning, and marketing as well as opening new doors to evolving business models at Engineers360.

Sample Projects