GITS Consulting Services

How We Operate

GITS Consulting Services is incorporated in Kenya in 2014 is closely affiliated to Global Innovations and Technical Solutions (GITS), a a research and development group of companies incorporated in Canada in 2003.

Through systematic and integrated strategic engineering, GITS consulting services aims to provide intelligent infrastructure, technology, agricultural, healthcare and education solutions for Africa. For over two decades its founder has consistently demonstrated ability to efficiently and effectively provide appropriate engineering services for a wide variety of private industrial, commercial, residential, institutional, infrastructure and community-based municipal projects in Eastern Africa.

Our business focuses on four main areas:

  • Infrastructure
  • Environment
  • Health
  • ICT and Education

What makes GITS Consulting Services unique is our investment in research seeking innovative solutions to meet the particular infrastructure and sustainability needs of Africa. The company is founded on multi-disciplinary, sustainable and global ideas. Our solutions derive from the Systematic, Integrated and Strategic Approach (SISA) to sustainable engineering. This approach has been developed over twenty years of intense community action research and is at the core of intellectual capital held by us.

Intellectual Capital

Our copyrighted systematic, integrated and strategic approach (SISA) to designing and implementing engineering, community action research, technological and process/operations services, is at the core of the intellectual capital held by us. Developed over twenty years of research and development, poverty reduction, urban services design, municipal strengthening and governance, technology transfer, institutional strengthening and capacity building projects, SISA is an analytical tool we use to incorporate Newtonian principles into engineering systems - infrastructure, education, health and environment.

This analytical methodology is being piloted on a scalable level through our work both in Africa and North America. In addition to our resources, funding support for this research includes government funding, multi-lateral funding organizations, not-for-profits and other partners. Data mining tools have been integrated into this approach to analyse 'Big Data' and predict future engineering trends allowing proactive knowledge-driven decision-making for sustainable engineering and technical education. Centering on economic, social and environmental well-being our approach integrates the following into engineering:

  • Consumer education and demand articulation
  • Institutional and governance restructuring to encourage cooperation with competition and corporate responsibility
  • Technology and innovation to capture real-time market dynamics
  • Community participation and multi-stakeholder engagement
  • Advanced competencies training for engineers and other professionals
  • Continuous development of management, recording and other information systems
  • Development of effective advisory, decision and regulatory supports
  • Integrated, multi-faceted and interactive system design, implementation, operation and maintenance for life-cycle costing
  • Appraisal, evaluation, monitoring and maintenance support
  • Cost-recovery, investment renewal and ownership mechanisms
  • Community Action Research


Our mission is to generate technical/technological engineering solutions that will create integrated infrastructure, institutional capacity and cost-effective services for consumers as well as conserve the ability of Africa's future generations to meet their own needs.


We believe in the culture of customized solutions grounded in sound engineering knowledge yet suited to the particular needs of African consumers. We focus on how our client organizations actually work using their unique position in meeting societal needs. As the Partner of choice to transform technological innovation and engineering practice in Africa we seek to be agents of change through commitment to:

  • Creating competitive and unique engineering solutions for Africa
  • Building capabilities, mobilizing knowledge and releasing creative energies of African countries
  • Driving sustainable impact
  • Succeeding together with passion and integrity